Rob Wright

marketing manager and fit specialist

Rob, owner of Bicycle Fit Works, has more than 28 years experience in the industry. His credentials include: Fit Kit Levels 1-3, Trek University Levels 1 & 2, Bike Fit Level Green, Serotta Personal and Advanced, FIST Fit Accreditation, John Cobb Fit, Retul University (2nd year), Guru University, and Waterford Fitmaster Basic.

He owns the only Guru Dynamic Fit Unit in British Columbia. He has been at South Shore since it opened in 2003 and loves interacting with staff and customers.

Fast Facts About Rob

First Bike: A ten speed he won when he was 10

Favourite Bike: Guru Vienio Custom Aluminum with Campy Centaur

Favourite Piece of Gear: Helmet

Favourite Cycling Activity: Kerry's Parkin' Lot Pedalin'

Weirdest Cycling Experience: Crashing through the canopy of a parked truck in Tour de White Rock

What Everyone Should Know: "When going beyond a basic level in cycling fit is everything."